Books authored or edited by Department of Transnational Asian Studies faculty include:

Imperial Identity book cover
Emperor Jahangir book cover
Picturing the True Form
Visual and Material Cultures

Visual and Material Cultures in Middle Period China
Patricia Buckley Ebrey and Shih-shan Susan Huang (editors)

Spirit and Self in Medieval China
Different Worlds of Discourse book cover
Beyond Tradition and Modernity book cover

Beyond Tradition and Modernity: Gender, Genre, and Cosmopolitanism in Late Qing China
Grace Fong, Nanxiu Qian, and Harriet Zurndorfer (editors)

Eating Korean in America book cover
Reading North Korea book cover
Diaspora Without Homeland book cover

Diaspora Without Homeland: Being Korean in Japan
Sonia Ryang and John Lie (editors)

North Korea Toward a Better Understanding book cover
Writing Selves in Diaspora book cover
Love in Modern Japan book cover
Japan and National Anthropology book cover
Koreans in Japan book cover
North Koreans in Japan book cover
Reshaping the Holy book cover
No book image available
Gender and Economics in Muslim Communities book cover

Gender and Economics in Muslim Communities: Critical Feminist and Postcolonial Analyses
Ebru Kongar, Jennifer C. Olmsted, and Elora Shehabuddin (editors)

Women and Islamic Cultures book cover

Women and Islamic Cultures: Disciplinary Paradigms and Approaches, 2003–2013
Suad Joseph, Marilyn L. Booth, Bahar Davary, Hoda El Sadda, Sarah Gualtieri, Vriginia Hooker, Therese Saliba, and Elora Shehabuddin (editors)