Academic Advising

Students of Transnational Asian Studies can meet with any of our department faculty for information about classes, our program, and the major. Our department is multi-disciplinary, and many classes that can be applied to the major are offered by affiliated faculty in other departments. These classes cross the curriculum, from history and art history, to languages, literature, religious studies, anthropology, political science, and more. For a full list of classes that fulfill requirements for a degree in Transnational Asian Studies see the General Announcements. If you would like to verify that a class can be applied to your major or are interested in a class that is not on the list but you think should be, just ask a member of our department. Here is a link to all of our department faculty and staff (

For majors and those interested in becoming a major, our Director of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Steven Lewis (, is available to help. Contact him to: declare your major, discuss degree requirements, plan your course schedules, talk about internships, and explore study abroad opportunities.

We welcome your interest! Do stop in to say hello and explore our new Department of Transnational Asian Studies: 305 Lovett Hall, Entrance C.