Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Asian Studies is designed to offer a comprehensive overview of Asian Studies of the Rice brand, which is to capture Asia broadly in the four areas of geography, history, people and their movements, and culture. Our degree emphasizes research strength, introducing students from early on to research projects. The Asian Studies capstone, ASIA 495 concludes the degree with substantial research work based on students' own design and data collection, in addition to the ability to integrate Asian language materials in research. Students who earn a B.A. in Asian Studies receive strong language training combined with cultural proficiency, eventually working toward sophisticated expertise in Asia in general with a few specialized areas of choice. This degree is suitable for students seeking career options in foreign services and diplomacy, international NGOs, international trade, among other fields including advanced academic study.

The Asian Studies major requires a minimum of 30.0 credit hours, combined with language classes (demonstrating advanced proficiency). All students seeking the B.A. in Asian Studies must take the introductory course ASIA 295 "Introduction to Transnational Asian Studies" and the capstone course ASIA 495 "Asian Studies Research Seminar." More detailed information regarding degree requirements can be found in the General Announcements.

Director of Undergraduate Studies:

Sonia Ryang,

Major/Minor Advisors:

Lisa Balabanlilar,
Steven W. Lewis,